Different Topic Tracks for different Interests


The Startup community in Cluj-Napoca is growing as fast as ever, and we want to make sure everybody takes part to it. This leads to us having at Safari some of the coolest entrepreneurial stories in town.


Great innovation in technology always leads to great products. Especially in Cluj, we like to think that technology is our strong point, that’s why we are having cool organizations talking about awesome tech.


People with same interests and passions always try to find a way to work together. This is the power of communities, sharing the same vision and running towards it. Just be wary, by the end of the day, you might want to be part of it too!


There are very few things more important in the startup world than having a strong networking. Startup Safari may be the perfect place for that, gathering people with similar vision, but different interests and skills.


13:30- 16:00

From need to solution in healthcare innovation

EIT Health programs for innovators and startups


Solving a healthcare problem is highly motivating for a startup and for most of us. However, building a solution has to rely on a need before relying on a specific technology. Why and how will be detailed in the workshop.

14:00- 15:30

How to build a crypto exchange


Cryptocurrency and blockchain is slowly making it’s way into public adoption by entrepreneurs, enterprises, banks and public institutions and it’s no longer a topic that can easily be ignored by developers. In this presentation we will look into a few of the backend components required to build a cryptocurrency exchange, most of which you will also need if you plan on integrating different blockchain projects into your project. We will tackle information about what is a blockchain, the differences between a few chains, how to build a wallet manager, a vault manager and a trading engine. Most crypto platforms use some combination of these components inside their infrastructures.

15:30- 17:00

Hipmenu: From Zero to Delivery Hero


16:30- 18:00

Female Lead Start-ups

Stories and Challenges


We will be discussing stories and challenges involved in leading teams and managing companies as women, with three very special founder ladies who lead/have lead tech startups at different stages of development.

18:00- 22:00

Outside the Bubble


Bridging Romanian and European startup and acceleration ecosystem

The event has a double purpose:
1. Promoting the local IT ecosystem in Europe
2. Explore and develop collaborations with the European startup ecosystems, represented by
our guests from UK, France, Portugal & Germany